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Our Mission

We make people realize they can acheive more then they think they can do.

Our goal is to positvily impact 1 million lives by 2024.

To be the leading achievement center in the world.


Our founder Mylo had a New Years Resolution to impact 5 lives in a positive way. He loved how accomplished you felt after doing an obstacle course race. So he put an add on Craigslist to train 5 people for free and they had to give a reason why they deserved it above everyone else. He received 30+ responses to the add. It was hard but he chose 5 people. He made them sign a contract. If they missed 1 day of training they owed them $60 for each day missed. If they quit early they owed him $60 for each day he trained them. But if they showed up 3 times a week and completed the 3 month journey and did the obstacle course at the end it was all free. All 5 people were able to complete every obstacle and ran the entire 3 mile race. At the finish line they said they would pay him whatever he wanted to make them feel that way again. And MOF was born.

MYLO Obstacle Fitness - Mylo

Mylo Villanueva

CEO & Founder

A Bio of Mylo

You might have come across Mylo on stories written by The New York Times, ESPN, Business Insider, Men's Fitness Magazine, The Chive, Austin Fit Magazine, American Dream University and many more.

He has worked with companies such as HBO, Time Warner Movies, Pepsi, Old Spice, UT Texas, Baylor University, Texas State, Patagonia, Samsung, Spartan Race, Bone Frog, Michelob Ultra, Hylete, GORUCK, Paleo FX, City of Austin,  and much more.

Mylo is the owner of MYLO Obstacle Fitness. He is a Marine Corps veteran and elite athlete. He is known as being the top expert on obstacle technique and helped expand the sport of obstacle course racing through the United States. Through MOF he has trained many celebrities, elite athletes and the everyday person just trying to motivate themselves to be better. He serves others and donates some of his time to charities like Operation Valor, Travis Manion Foundation, Team RWB, Operation Enduring Warrior, Make a Vet Sweat and local churches.

His passion is motivational speaking at universities and events. He loves showing people they can do more then they think they can do. So far Mylo has personally impacted over 100,000 lives through his speaking events, team buildings and races.

Book Mylo to speak at your next event

Mylo has spoken around the country at various events motivating people and improving their lives. He also shows entrepreneurs how to build a business from next to nothing. He has spoken in front of audiences of over 1,000 people. His motivation is contagious and he adds value to each every individual he speaks to. He is one way to light up an audience!

Book Mylo to personally train you

Mylo is considered to be THE top expert in obstacle technique. He has also personally done over 140 obstacle course races, endurance races, and more. He teaches from experience, not from a book. He has trained celebrities, elite athletes and beginners.

Book Mylo for a team building event

Have a team building your company wants to do to teach leaders how to become better? Mylo has lead team buildings from 10 to over 1,000 people. He has done legendary team buildings for Pepsi, Onnit, Patagonia, Samsung, City of Austin, UT Texas, Baylor University and more. He shows companies how to build camaraderie, lead by example, motivate people under them, and how to motivate themselves.