About Us

Our Beginning

MYLO Obstacle Fitness started out with the owner doing a Tough Mudder. After doing his first obstacle course he became addicted to mud runs. He found that doing mud runs not only challenged his cardio but his whole body and motivation. After that his love for mud runs began, and it became an addiction.

He wanted other people to share his new found motivation so he made a new years resolution. He was going to train 5 motivated people for free for 3 months and have them do a mud run at the end to show what they have accomplished. He was so impressed with the results and the training that he stopped his business plan for opening up a bar and grill and dedicated himself to helping others achieve their goals and dreams through fitness.

Thus, the MOFia was born!


About MYLO Obstacle Fitness

MYLO Obstacle Fitness is a 75 acre outdoor obstacle course gym. We are Austin’s largest gym! We have over 25 obstacles, running trails, creek access, free weights, kettle-bells, battle ropes and medicine balls.

Here you can get a monthly membership, a one day membership, Obstacle training, Obstacle Fitness training, Personal Training, Team Building and more! We are more than just another gym! When you workout with us, you are joining a wonderful and empowering family!

We allow kids to come play and are dog friendly! So come on out to our gym and get a tan while you work out!

What MOF is all about