MOF - 6 week challenge crew

Our group classes are an amazing experience! You have knowledgeable and experienced trainers that turn your goals into reality. Don't wait any longer to delay your goals. You will experience achievement like no other.

Best gym experience I’ve ever had. The environment is fun and welcoming. The trainers push you just enough to motivate but not enough for it to be off putting or come across as bro-ish. The staff is great and it’s clear they all love what they do. The obstacles are also a blast to use to mix things up and track your progress. I signed up for the 6lbs of muscle growth in 6 weeks, I was pretty much there by week 5 and shot through it by the time I was done. Definitely inspiring, this is a great gym to join if you’re serious about developing a healthy workout routine and changing your life for the better.

- Fernando S

Best workout experience ever. Mylo is a great trainer. I started out with the intent to go for 3 months to gear up for an obstacle course race. A year later, I'm still there. Mylo tailors the workout so it's great for all fitness levels. You get variety and the fun of being outdoors. Best gym!
- Delzy L

I first found MOF when I was about to do my first spartan race. I went there to learn how to do the obstacles. I went for a one time lesson that was over two years ago. I have trained with Mylo since then both at his gym as well as getting workouts from him. I highly recommend his gym as well as him as a trainer. I have achieved things both physically and mentally (Hoplite) I never thought was possible.

- Stephanie L

Awesome workouts that push you to your next level of fitness. David and Mylo are great motivators and experienced in technique, strength training and obstacles.

-Rose D

What is Obstacle Fitness?

Its fitness that's designed for you to become the best you that you can be. You attend classes 3x a week with a motivating coach that drives you to achieve your goals. This class is for all skill levels. Weights and reps are adjusted to your fitness level.

We are all a family. Not only do we workout together, we also attend races together, trail runs and more!

Obstacles  are done on Thursdays. You feel like you can't do any of the obstacles thats perfectly fine! We have you do alternative exercises that will help build you up for the obstacle that you can not do.