MOF Obstacle Course at Lincoln County Fair

We Bring Obstacles to You

Have an event where you would like some obstacles? We have over 20 mobile obstacles. We help design a course, or run the whole event for you. We have created obstacle races, ninja warrior competitions or brought out the obstacles to generate hype in a festival area!

Team Building

We provide some amazing team buildings for your company, church or school! We can do 2 hour to 6 hour team buildings. We can provide for as little as 4 people and we have done one with as much as 1,000 people. We cater to you and your needs

MOF Kids Ninja Warrior Event rope swing to cargo net

Day Passes

In for a day or just want to try out our obstacles. To easy! Day passes for people 11yrs and older are $20 and 10 yrs old and younger is $5

MOF two girls going through the thru wall

Obstacle Training

This is a 2 hour training session. You will learn techniques on our obstacles. We teach you how to climb ropes, throw spears, scale walls and more!


1 to 2 people $80 per person

3 to 5 people $60 per person

6 to and more $40 per person

Group Fitness Classes

Come train with us in our group classes! The classes are for all fitness levels. We train with barbells, dumbbells, logs, sleds, sandbags, Medicine Balls and more. It's functional training that focuses on your goals. The exercises are modified to your skill level. Most importantly  you gain a family out of it!

Classes at MOF

Mon, Wed, Friday- 6:00am and 5:30pm

MOF group fitness pic
MOF Mylo and Fabian draggin a sled

Online Training

Get specified training from Mylo himself! He tailors the workouts to your specific goals. He has done over 100 obstacle course and endurance races.


1 on 1 online training 5 days of training: $180 per month

1 on 1 online training 3 days of training: $120 per month

Our group training online workouts: $40 per month

Birthday Parties

Have your obstacle birthday party with us! Adults and kids have a blast at our course. The birthday party lasts for 3 hours and can even be American Ninja Warrior Themed.

Price: $300 for up to 10 people, add $10 per person for more then 10 people.

MOF Kids Ninja Warrior Event rope swing to cargo net