Can I drop in any time?

You can drop in Monday through Friday from 12pm to 6pm for a day pass. Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm.

What do I get with a day pass?

You have access to all of our obstacles, weights, bbq pits, bonfire pits, games and free WIFI! You can bring in outside food and drinks.

Is your group fitness classes for all levels?

Yes! We have people where the last time they exercised was 20 years ago and we have people who exercise everday. We adjust the reps and weights to your fitness ability.

Can you bring a team building to our company location?

We sure can! Most of our obstacles and equipment are mobile. We designed the obstacles this way so we can bring the experience to you!

Can we do a charity event with you to raise money for our event?

We love working with charities! We can bring an obstacle course to your location or host it here. We can also help with marketing and design of flyers.

I have a son / daughter going into bootcamp, do you offer training to help prepare them for the military?

This is the perfect place to train for this! Mylo is a former Marine himself. He also works with SF groups around the nation and is a GORUCK training partner. He has fitness classes designed to help get your person ready for the military! Please email us at for our schedule and pricing.

What should I wear to your obstacle course?

Please bring long socks (this prevents rope burn), water and clothes that you can get dirty in.

Do you teach obstacle technique?

Our company was the first to develop Obstacle Training. We teach you techniques to conquer the rope climb, scale walls, and throw spears! Mylo has personally taught obstacle technique for 15 years!

I don't live in Austin, do you offer online training?

People love coming to our classes because of our unique way of training. We offer online classes to help people all over the world! You tell us the equipment you have and we give you a custom workout designed for your gym / equipment and goals!

What’s your return policy?

There are no returns for event tickets, day passes, team building or birthday party purchases. You may exchange for in-store credit.