MYLO Obstacle Fitness has provided team buildings for hundreds of companies. We listen to what you want to accomplish and provide a custom experience designed just for your team. Our team building can be customized to fit any fitness level at any age. We have done team buildings as small as 4 people to over 1000 people. We have several different packages to choose from. The packages can be designed for camaraderie based, communication skills based, leadership based or our Mental Toughness based.


*All packages can be customized to your needs. We can change out the time it takes as well.


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Team Building proposal camaraderie top

This package is perfect for businesses that received a lot of new personnel and want to bring everyone together. This package helps them to get to know each other and have fun while doing it! We have fun team building games that are for all levels of fitness.

Up to 4 hours with trainers guiding the team building games. Access to the whole facility to include bonfire pits, bbq pits, obstacles, and much more! Outside food and drinks can be brought in.

Team Building Communication Package

The Communication package is made to help people to be able to effectively express what needs to be done. At the end the participants will see that communication is key to get any task done.

Up to 4 hours with trainers guiding the team building tasks. The teams will be building items in an exciting competitive timed setting. They have to be able to effectively communicate or penalties will be assessed. You will also have access to the facility and all of what it has to offer.

Team Building Mental Toughness

This Mental Toughness package is ideal for companies, gym,
sports teams that want to build an extreme bond. We find that
through adversity the strongest bonds are formed. This package
is more physically intense. This lasts from 4 to 6 hours.

You have a military trained instructor for 4 to 6 hours. Events
include log PT, endurance training, communication correction,
attention to detail, working together, working towards one
task and not thinking about anything else but that task.

Team Building Leadership package

One of our most sought after team building packages is the leadership package. The team learns how to leverage the people around them and to communicate tasks effectively. They learn what it takes to be a leader, how to mentally prepare themselves and the people they serve for.

This team building is lead by the owner himself. It can last at the minimum of 6 hours but ideally it will last 12 hours that's split into two days. Participants will go through a mental toughness workshop, learn how to lead by example, how to develop leadership habits and much more. A small ceremonial party will be held upon completion.