Our Hoplite Endurance Event is a 6 hour event that will test your mental toughness, physical fitness and your willingness to overcome adversity. You are not allowed to have any cell phones, or watches. You will have an HQ where you can keep extra supplies. You will venture out and complete tasks throughout the night. You will not know what the task is until you are told. Volunteers will help guide the way. There will be mud. There will be obstacles. There will be water (no swimming needed). You will be tested.

Date: January 11th to January 12th 2020

Time: 9pm to 3am

Location: MYLO Obstacle Fitness

12925 Lowden Lane

Manchaca, TX 78652

MOF - Hoplite Lola doing burpees in mud pit
Hoplite collage

Packing List

  • 2 sandbags with rope handles
    • Males 50lbs each
    • Females 30lbs each
  • 1 Ruck (sturdy backpack)
  • 1 hydration pack
  • 2 chemlights (glow sticks)
  • 1 Headlamp
  • Athletic Clothing (adjust for weather)


  • Personal 1st aid kit
  • Extra sandbag
  • Food
  • Extra water
  • Extra batteries for headlamp
  • Extra clothes
  • Extra towel
  • Flip Flops

PRICE: $50

Price will increase to $80 in November and $100 in January.

1st Place gets the coveted Hoplite Trophy.




Every Finisher will receive a Hoplite Patch

Hoplite Trophy
Hoplite patch