Pro Team – Mylo Villanueva

I grew in San Jose , Ca. 3 days after I graduated high school I went to Marine Corps boot camp. I learned so many valuable lessons in the Marine Corps. The most valuable lesson I learned was that you can do 20x more than what you think you can do. Your body is capable of executing extraordinary things. I started doing endurance events and obstacle course racing. I loved the accomplishment that I felt. I loved the camaraderie, getting dirty and seeing new obstacles!

Favorite Exercise in OCR
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Most Memorable Race
Most memorable race would have to be my very first race which was Tough Mudder. My buddy got me a free ticket. He said this is right up your alley. I checked the website. and just seeing the obstacles made me drool. I was really impressed of how everyone was helping everyone else out during the race, the electricity of amazement and how great I felt!