Pro Team- Lynnae Kettler

I found my passion for OCR in 2014 and have been working hard to get better every day. I love mixing my love of running with obstacles that require strength and perseverance. As a kid I was always doing something active, from track and soccer to Karate classes and even tackle football in the road with my twin brother and neighbors. As I reached my 20’s and college came and went, I found I had lost that part of myself. When I started doing obstacle racing it brought that passion back for me and made me realize how much better I felt both physically and mentally. Now I can’t imagine my life without being super active and competitive. I’m intrigued and inspired by the OCR community as a whole. I hope to make a positive impact on this sport and keep on improving and reaching my goals.

Favorite Exercise in OCR
Pull-ups for sure! You need upper body and grip strength for almost every obstacle and pull-ups will help to build that.

Most Memorable Race
Urban Raid Championship in NYC. It’s an obstacle road race series in the Northeast. It’s also where my Fiance proposed to me while on podium for first overall female. I will never forget that moment, especially since it was filmed for a TV show, so I’ll always get to re-live that day.