Pro Team – Lisa Nondorf

I am a 41 year old elite obstacle course racer. I have been only competing since March of 2015. So far I have 17 podium finishes. I finished my first season with a 2nd place finish at the Battlefrog championship race which secured my 2nd place finish in their points series. It ranked me #1 for masters female in the USA for Battlefrog. I currently cross train utilizing agility training, weight lifting, rock climbing, hot yoga, kickboxing and trail running. I also started training in Chicago at the ninja academy. I love fitness and have a firm belief that if you find your weaknesses and make them your strengths you can achieve anything. I always strive to be the best me. When I am competing, my goal is to beat myself. To give 110%. I love a challenge and when thinking about life I find that anything that I fear I must attempt because I never want to live my life with regrets or limitations.

Favorite Exercise in OCR
Currently my favorite training is obstacle training. Actually being able to get on different obstacles and “play”. I enjoy learning new or different techniques that help me grow as an athlete. My favorite obstacles are those which require upper body strength, the rig!

Most Memorable Race
My most memorable race is actually very hard for me to pin point. Most all of my races have a moment or moments that have helped me grow as an ocr athlete. But if I had to name the race that has changed me the most, I would have to saw the fall 2015 Battlefrog Atlanta race. It was truly the first time I questioned my ability. It was a rainy day, which caused for a muddy and wet course. Not only did I get challenged physically but mentally. And I learned a lot about the support every racer gives to each other! It was then that I found my “home”.