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The ultimate online training program for obstacle course racers, endurance athletes and overall fitness!Each MOF training program is individually customized to fit your specific goals and needs. Whether you are just getting started, a seasoned athlete or somewhere in between, our program is designed to help you to achieve your athletic goals and abilities.

At MOF, we take the time to get to know each of our clients before we developing a program that will have you feeling accomplished in all areas of your life. We challenge all of our clients to push their limits not only physically but also mentally.

The MOF Difference

Unlike other online programs that provide your full training program in advance, all of us at MOF take pride in each customize program we create, delivering the best plan for you and your goals weekly.

What is included

  • Biweekly Skype calls and assessments with Mylo Villanueva in person
  • Weekly program adjustments
  • Workouts that include strength training and cardio for 6, 8 or 12 weeks
  • Access to extensive video exercise library
  • Access to exclusive MOF social network
  • One on one personalized goal setting session
  • Upload videos for form correction
  • Customized meal plan and nutrition guide from Nadja Moeller
  • Goals and benchmark graphs showing improvement
  • Free MOF facility access
  • MOF Headband
  • MOF Wristband
  • 20% off all MOF merchandise and events

Face your fears

Getting Started

This level is for people who are ready to get off the couch. This is our beginners course meant to establish stability, gain strength, muscle, and loss fat. We will help you fall in love with the fitness lifestyle by creating an easy to follow workout routine and meal plan.


1 hour per day
4 days a week
Plus Meal Prep

6 weeks: $189
12 weeks: $360

Dont Stop Button


This is for the person that has caught the competitive bug and is looking to take it up a notch. They are looking to become better, stronger, and faster. This program will allow you to become competitive in a wide range of fitness events.


1 to 1.5 hour per day
5 days a week
Plus Meal Prep

6 weeks: $300
12 weeks $500

Beast Mode Button

Beast Mode

This is for the competitive athlete who is ready to take on the podium. They have the mental toughness to want to dominate their fitness level and compete at an elite level. This requires a minimum Physical Fitness Test score and a minimum 3 month commitment.


2 to 2.5 hours per day
5 days a week
Plus Meal Prep

$300/ month with a 3 month commitment