Fundraising 4 U!



Let us help you arrange a fun and unique fundraiser for your cause! From fun runs to races, we provide the venue and help design any fitness related event!

Fundraising Ideas:

  • 3K, 5K, 10K fun runs, obstacle races, or obstacle relays
  • Obstacle or team building workout
  • Field day events
  • Cook-offs
  • BBQs
  • Got something else? Let us know!


  • For a fitness event, can only certain fitness levels participate?
    • We plan our events so that anyone at any fitness level can enjoy the festivities! At your request, we can design to course to be as easy or as difficult as desired!

  • What will you provide for the fundraiser?
    • If the event is fitness related, we will plan the activity portion of the day! Don’t know anything about obstacles? Don’t worry! We do. We’ll get it set-up to fit exactly what your group is looking for.

  • We want to do an obstacle/mud/5K but want to use a different venue, can you come to us?
    • Yes! We can work with any venue of your choosing! We mainly travel in the Austin and greater area. Check with us if your event will be further away!

For more information please email us at