Client Spotlight

Congratulations to Tia, our badass who has earned this spotlight!  We couldn’t be more proud of Tia and her accomplishments here at MOF! She is focused, driven, and crushing each and every workout with more determination than the workout before. Way to go Tia!

Read a little more about Tia and her journey below!

What made you choose MOF?

I chose MOF because I was desperate, it was convenient, and I had seen Mylo on the Daytripper show and he seemed like a nice guy. And I flipping hate gyms. I don’t like exercising indoors. I like being outside, I like nature and I like getting dirty.

Mylo is an amazing leader who will do all in his power to help you achieve that goal while not letting you forget that it is ultimately up to you. He is so motivating and supportive that he makes any goal feel totally achievable with mental toughness and hard work. Mylo is by far one of my most favorite people.

What are your future racing/fitness goals?

My future fitness goals are to participate in the Warrior Dash in March, and to learn to surf at iNland surf park.

In your own words, what defines a fit person?

What defines a fit person…, I’ll tell you when I can define myself that way. Although coming to MOF for the past few months certainly has given me a glimpse of what that is. I think it involves the body, mind and spirit. I have been pretty much focused on the mind and spirit for the past 15 years. And now that I am really getting into the physical aspect, I feel everything shifting in my life towards the balance I have been seeking. Having this new found enthusiasm for the physical dimension of my life has been seriously mind blowing.

What or who motivates you to keep working hard towards your fitness goals?

What is motivating me is how far I have come in a relatively short time. When I came to my first class about 3 months ago, I could not do a squat without holding a pole. I could not do the bear crawl. I did 10 sit ups in 2 minutes my first day. Yesterday I did over 40. I feel so different. I have been living in my head for so long, and now I feel like I’ve dropped down into my body. Also, there have been quite a few times that I did not want to come to class. At all. I felt crappy, and fat and old and inadequate, but I knew Mylo will give me shit, and also my motto has been to just show up, and do my best. Every time I am done with a class, I feel such an amazing sense of accomplishment. And I have also been like so high with endorphins…I have done quite a bit of experimentation with alternative substances in my 48 years, and I am stunned by how great an endorphin high is.

What is your favorite obstacle or exercise at MOF?

Dead hanging. Well, it is not my favorite, I actually hate it, but I am working on my grip strength and I have seen a lot of improvement. I read the bios of the fitness pros here at MOF, and many of them said their favorite exercise are pull-ups because so many obstacles involve grip strength. So, right now I am just hanging. When I started, I could hang for like not even a second. The other day I swear I got close to 30 seconds. My goal is a minute in the next 7 seven weeks. And eventually an honest to god pull up.

What would be your advice to someone just starting with OCR/MOF?

Well, I would say, don’t think too much about it, if you feel compelled or curious, just show up, and try your best. That is what I did, and so far it’s been a really great experience. One I hope to continue with for years to come.